I was a lost soul—a mentally abused woman who didn’t deserve better.

I don’t know why I felt led to share this old writing from 2012 again…maybe it’s because I recently had a bad dream about the jerk I wrote about. Even so, I believe I’m finally completely healed from the pain he caused. It was super hard for me to see and admit that I had become someone I never thought I’d become, but thank God I am no longer her. God has changed me so much inside and out. I am grateful! As long as I look to Him first and trust He will help me to discern who I can let in and who I should keep away from, this will never happen again.

I am alive and I am free…THANK YOU, LORD!!

Keeping Hope Alive †

That’s what the enemy had me convinced of—he’s a good liar.  I was a lost soul and I believed his lies.  I had become someone I swore for years that I would never become.  I became weak, needy, and dependant.  I thought I needed a man in my life bad enough, that I was willing to look past being treated so poorly.  Now, he never raised a hand to me, but he sure knew how to mess with my mind.  He had such control over me.  I pretended it was okay to be treated that way, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t.  I just wasn’t strong enough to break away.

I was getting older and the thought of being old and alone started to bother me, so I allowed myself to be in this unhealthy relationship.  I had zero self-esteem.  I put up with things I never should have…

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