The thought of idol worship has helped me to stay sober

The idol worship I am speaking of is not what most would think. I don’t mean the kind like the golden calf in Exodus in the Old Testament. I remembered something I read that helped me back in 2010 so I want to share these words from this book called Power to Reinvent Yourself by Jason Frenn: “An idol can be anything we fervently pursue instead of God. An idol is something we regularly, consistently, and habitually seek that brings gratification or a high in a time of need, hurt, or anxiety.  Simply put, it is anything that replaces the Lord God Almighty in our lives.”  When I first read these words after only eight months of sobriety, my eyes were opened.  That is why I want to put this out there for others who may not realize what they’re doing.  It was no accident that God had me hear those words at a critical time in my life.  For me, it was getting that book in my hands.  Perhaps this post will be God’s way of reaching someone else at a critical moment in their life. That is my hope. Once this serious offense was brought to my attention, I was very afraid of going back and repeating it. So here I am, sober for two years and almost four months…and counting.  Thank You, God. 

I share a lot about my battle with depression and drinking because I think what I have learned from it all is worth sharing. Especially if it has a chance to help someone else open their heart to the Lord and make Him their priority in life.  The Lord delivered me from both. It was a true miracle. He has given me a heart to help those struggling like I did, no matter what it costs me.  Honestly, I have nothing to lose. My new life with the Lord is a win-win.  For that, I am eternally grateful. 

The bottle was my idol. I drank because my heart was broken and I was hurting very badly…for decades. God changed that.  For others, their idol could be food, drugs, pornography, etc.  Whatever it is, I pray they reach out to God instead.   I know there are a lot of hurting hearts out there today.  I would like to close this with a prayer that I had posted on my Facebook page not too long ago—it seems appropriate for today’s message:  

“Abba Father, there are hearts out there that need to feel Your presence at this very moment. I can feel their troubled hearts.  I know all too well what those hearts are feeling. I pray You reach down right now, wherever they are, and fill them with Your Peace! May their hearts overflow with joy that only You can provide, and may they seek You, and only You, every day and know without a doubt that You are with them always. I ask this in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.” 

Always reach for God before anything friends, He loves you deeply.  He will never forsake you. ♥

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