What if…

On my way to church this morning, I was sitting at a stop light and everything that had been going through my mind suddenly stopped. I couldn’t help but turn my focus toward a man in the crosswalk. It was quite obvious that he was homeless. My heart became so heavy as I watched him walk slowly to the other side of the street. He held his head down the entire time. He seemed so defeated and so broken. He was so dirty. I wondered what had happened to him that made him end up living on the streets. I wondered if he had family or anybody who cared enough to be looking for him. I wondered what was going through his mind. I couldn’t judge him, didn’t even think of it. My heart actually hurt for him. I can’t even imagine what his daily life must be like.

I wanted so badly to do something for this man, but I couldn’t. I was in the middle of traffic. The light turned green and I had to move on. I found myself starting to cry as I asked God to bless him. I prayed that God would send somebody to him to help him find hope and perhaps even help him get cleaned up a little. I wondered if he’d ever heard of Jesus. If not, I wondered if his heart could be reached. Things I will never know, but I can at least pray.

I heard Pastor Andy Stanley say “Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone.” I keep that in my heart. Maybe I couldn’t help that particular man this morning, but I know there’s at least one person out there that I CAN help. God has given me a servant heart. He’s given me a heart to reach the lost and I pray that never changes.

What if we all did for one…

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